Nursing Homes

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If you aren't sure if a skilled nursing facility is right for you, read on.

Nursing homes are designed for people who do not need to be in the hospital but do require a level of care that cannot be provided at home or in another type of care facility. Nursing homes are not exclusively for seniors, but may be necessary a person of any age requiring 24 hour care. Nursing homes are staffed 24 hours a day. Most provide many levels of care including personal and medical care as well as physical and speech therapy services. Nursing home stays may be brief or extended. Many seniors finding themselves in a nursing home are able to transition to another type of senior housing if their condition improves. A nursing home may also be on the same campus as a hospital or assisted living home.

Nursing home costs may be prohibitively expensive. Luckily this is one area of care and housing that is usually at least partially covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Nursing home regulations vary from state to state; as a result, each state has its own licensing requirements, regulations and inspection procedures. The terminology used for nursing homes may also vary. Nursing homes may also be called skilled nursing facilities or rest homes.

Nursing homes, or rest homes, have changed dramatically in recent years from what they were a generation ago. Nursing homes have realized the importance of a home-like atmosphere in patient satisfaction and well being. Therefore, many nursing homes have made efforts to make their facilities more home-like and less hospital-like.

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