Senior Golf

For some of us the biggest challenge to keeping active is a lack of inspiration. Golf is the perfect inspiration for many seniors to get out there and remain active. A day spent on the golf course can be a fun way to take a long walk, filling the lungs with fresh air and getting much needed exercise. Walking is commonly thought of as the best exercise for senior health.

Though the terrain of a golf course is not as flat and straight as a sidewalk, it is usually fairly smooth and safe for walking. The soft grass and earth underfoot can be easier on the feet and joints than other walking surfaces. It is important to watch your step and wear appropriate footwear to avoid injury on the golf course.

It is especially important for seniors and non-seniors alike to remember that though golf may seem a mellow and danger free sport injuries are still possible. Seniors should pay extra attention to stretching before and during a game of golf and be careful not to push too hard either in walking the course, or taking that winning swing.

In the competitive world of golf there are many senior golf tours. Usually “senior golf” refers to the over 50 age bracket, while those over the age of 55 may be referred to as “super-seniors”.